About Darlene Shepherd

With her dedication to helping to meet the varying needs and challenges of timeshare owners, Darlene Shepherd, as “The Timeshare Consultant™”, has a proven success in adhering to credible methods of assistance and counseling.  Maintaining a commitment to honesty and integrity, Darlene has consistently provided unbiased, truthful and advanced insights throughout her career as a consultant and author; along with formidable ideas and solutions to help timeshare consumers in all aspects of vacation ownership.

Darlene’s shared knowledge is derived from her collective and practical 16 year industry involvement, extensive research, own personal timeshare experiences, and stories and testaments of other timeshare owners that have been taken advantage of in their quest to get out of their timeshares.  Unquestionably, her well-rounded and straightforward e-book on “Getting Out Of A Timeshare - A Comprehensive & Precautionary Guide”, is a definite asset to the timeshare community.  Fulfilling her goal of reaching more consumers looking to receive the true-bottom line of doing business in the timeshare marketplace.  “The Timeshare Consultant™”, Darlene, provides a refreshing approach that counteracts the concern of the strong bias of so many timeshare industry representatives creating conflicts of interests and fear in the timeshare arena.

Over the years, thousands of timeshare owners have been assisted with Darlene’s timeshare coaching and insight. Believing that “knowledge is power”, in her guidance material, Darlene has further sustained her commitment to helping those uninformed to ultimately feel more educated and empowered.  This allows them to make wise timeshare decisions and feel much more protected in the process.