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How do I sell my timeshare?

Education, preparation, accurate representation and proper execution! Random efforts are unlikely to yield you positive results. Likewise, committing to a single strategy or resale company can limit your success. There are a number of proper steps to follow to successfully sell your timeshare.  Such as, initially performing a realistic evaluation of what you own through appropriate analysis and acquiring the necessary knowledge and ideas to adopt a safe and effective advertising plan and selling techniques. These steps are critical to be able to properly sell your timeshare in today’s saturated resale marketplace. In addition, you should be aware of what is required for document preparation, determining what will and will not transfer to the new owner, coordination with developers, evaluating contracts, and the title and closing process and requirements.

How and where do I get all of this information and can I learn more specific details for success in selling my timeshare?...

Discover “Getting Out Of A Timeshare -- A Comprehensive and Precautionary Guide” and let The Timeshare Consultant, Darlene Shepherd, give you the proper insight that you need. Darlene has NO affiliation or association with any resale, title or marketing companies to "cloud" or "bias" any recommendations. You’ll receive her thorough, unbiased and objective knowledge on getting out of your timeshare today.  In one resource, Darlene provides you with important guidelines, caveats, and checklists for helping you in the process of selling your timeshare on your own or what to look for when searching for professional assistance. She discusses topics from evaluating your timeshare and preliminary preparations down to proper closing and transferring of the title.  In addition, she delivers necessary information on specific considerations and common stipulations…addressing crucial factors that many timeshare consumers don’t know!  Plus, The Timeshare Consultant discusses what simply does not work when trying to sell your timeshare to help you to circumvent wasting valuable time and money. With the book you’ll not only feel more informed to evaluate the various options and approaches for selling you timeshare, you’ll also feel more empowered to sell it now!

How do I get out of timeshare without getting scammed? Who can I trust?

Do you have anxiety about, or have already been burned, dealing with an unscrupulous timeshare resale company? How do you avoid being fooled or taken advantage and becoming a victim of timeshare resale fraud? Awareness and knowledge are of prime importance! Learning how to recognize the timeshare resale scammers’ gimmicks and hoaxes to be able to walk away before it’s too late.  Plus, acquiring an ability to properly select the right resale companies.  And also, finding out what to watch out for in listing contracts, sales proposals, and other key considerations to ultimately be legally and financially guarded when looking to unload your timeshare.  

Unfortunately, many internet sources are biased and subjective timeshare resale listing companies. Also, creating havoc in the timeshare resale marketplace, are postcard mailings from often fly-by-night companies, out to swindle as many as quickly possible, then close up shop before regulators can catch them.

Arm yourself with the facts and insight that you need to protect yourself, help to promote a legitimate timeshare contract, and get out of your timeshare without getting taken. “Getting Out of A Timeshare, byThe Timeshare Consultant™, takes you through the process of getting out of your timeshare safely, exposing dozens of scams, pitfalls and gimmicks, and teaching you whom to avoid when seeking professional help.  Darlene has helped countless timeshare owners over the years to dodge fraudulent timeshare resale companies and avoid potentially losing thousands of dollars from illegitimate schemes.  She’ll share with you many real stories and testaments from others who were taken advantage of and even swindled out of their money, yet still ending up owning their timeshare! You can avoid being easy prey to scam artists or fast talking marketers and becoming just another sad statistic.  Get informed and help to put these criminals out of business.

What are alternative options to selling my timeshare? Are the timeshare “relief” suggestions really viable?

There are potential options beyond selling your timeshare that you could explore, with both positive and negative thoughts and factors to regard for all parties concerned. You’ll need to be aware, however, that these alternatives in getting out of your timeshare also come with important considerations, and often unknown, pitfalls.  For example, gifting or donating your timeshare may seem like simple alternatives, but you’d be surprised at the legal, tax and cost factors that could be involved. It may not always be what you thought or hoped for.  Or, perhaps there are developer rules that could possibly impact the transferred rights to a new owner and shouldn’t be disregarded. Awareness is key and your responsibility!

In addition, the internet is littered with "timeshare exit" and “timeshare relief” companies proposing an “easy way out” timeshare transfer solution. How do you know what’s real, what’s legal, what are true ways out, and what are merely schemes that don't work, involving swindlers taking the unsuspecting consumer’s money? As you debate about such proposals, be forewarned that many timeshare transfer “solutions” or “exit strategies” could have surprising and significant legal ramifications, with problematic and potentially fraudulent constituents that are crucial to understand!

You can become more informed and keenly aware of these matters and tactics, enabling yourself to apply proper discernment to explore only legitimate and suitable alternatives. In Getting Out of A Timeshare, Darlene Shepherd, discusses more thoroughly the basic steps, qualifiers, and genuine options and methods to getting out of your timeshare, depending on what’s best for you and your circumstances.  With various deliberations and common contemplations considered, all points of view are examined to help you to decide one way or another. With The Timeshare Consultant’s™ help, you’ll definitely feel more knowledgeable and safeguarded when weighing your alternative choices to transferring out of your timeshare.

Is there a way to sell or just give my timeshare back to the developer?

Is the timeshare developer and original seller of your timeshare a viable option to getting out of a timeshare? Could you get money back for what you initially paid for your timeshare? Or, is it true or not, that you could even potentially get out of a current mortgage or unpaid dues?  There are many considerations, possibilities, and responses to these frequently asked questions and the varying relative circumstances.  This possibly safer relinquishment option of deeding your timeshare back to the developer may be an opportunity for you, but if so, it can be fairly tricky.  Learn more on potential ways to pursue this option with your developer when a possibility!

“Getting Out of a Timeshare” reviews for readers the different types of deed-backs or buy-backs to timeshare developers and helps you to find out how to go about this possibility and what to still be cognizant of when making the effort.  This valuable guide also provides you with an awareness of financial impacts, whether pertaining to an existing owed balance or a timeshare that’s paid off, along with regarding credit and tax implications, and more.

How can I (or my heirs) avoid a timeshare inheritance?

Are you due to inherit a timeshare, but are not wanting to?  Or are you worried about leaving the timeshare to your heirs and afraid that they won’t be able to afford the annual fees?  If after all other factors are weighed in the thought of keeping the timeshare and you still feel that you really don’t want it, then YES there is an option that you should be aware and most timeshare owners don’t know about, to legally avoid the inheritance.

Developer’s don’t want you to know that this option even exists, but nothing is a secret in the book “Getting Out of a Timeshare -- A Comprehensive & Precautionary Guide”.  You can receive total transparency and awareness about how to NOT inherit a timeshare or the relative financial responsibilities and eliminate this otherwise inevitable commitment.

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